AP® Computer Science Principles

  • Name:

    AP® Computer Science Principles (CPSC520)

  • Department:

    Computers and Electronics

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:


AP® Computer Science Principles


This course introduces the foundations of modern computing, while preparing the student for the Advanced Placement® Computer Science Principles exam. The course looks at a broad range of foundational topics including programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing.

Special Notes:

If you want to take the AP® exam associated with this course, then be aware that the exam is offered by the College Board in early May, but you must register by the previous October. Plan accordingly. Go to collegeboard.com to register, find testing locations near you, and browse helpful tips and information. The College Board also requires Performances Tasks to be completed for this course which must be submitted in late April.


In today's world, technology surrounds us. We are required to interact with it every day in various aspects. Almost every occupation requires some knowledge of technology. The Computer Science Principles course will look at several areas of technology, to help students understand these areas and how they affect us. How does the Internet work? When you load a page in your web browser, how does the information get to you? How much information about you is available on the Internet? You will learn the answers to these questions and some basic programming skills. At the end of the course you will be required to submit a program demonstrating what you have learned.

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Student Feedback

I enjoyed the class; well-structured, easy to understand and good amount of work. I liked it and cannot wait for Semester B!

The course is organized so that the students can learn the best.

He gave us feedback on the test comment section and he was always open to questions.

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