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Preparing for Academic Success

  • Name:

    Preparing for Academic Success (CLCR118)

  • Department:

    College Preparation & Career

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:


Preparing for Academic Success


This course is designed to prepare students for setting routines, creating good study habits, and using the foundational building blocks for academic strategies. Students will set goals and practice a variety of skills to develop excellent habits for successful learning, building on foundational skills in growing as a learner. This course is appropriate for 8-10th graders.


Preparing for Academic Success is one of the best foundational courses that you can take as a student. This course is designed to give you tools, techniques, and strategies that can be broadly applied, not only in learning, but also in life. In this course, you will explore goal setting, time management; learning styles; stress management; note-taking techniques; vocabulary strategies; research tools, memorization tips and more. Whether you are new to NSA or a returning student, this is the class that can give you the confidence and skills you need to become an academic success!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

This class has been the best class I have ever taken. It was very beneficial and it offers many resources such as note taking strategies, scheduling, goal setting, and much more. I am so glad I took this class.


The discussions in the course were very engaging and interesting. / This was a good course with helpful tips and strategies.


This course is very organised and easy to follow. The videos help me understand more. I think this course is great!