Enriched Virtual Courses

What is Different About These Courses?

Enriched Virtual Classes are for those students who want a weekly live session with other students, and for students or parents who want more accountability and firm assignment due dates.

With Enriched Virtual Courses, you will find:

  • A weekly live class session
  • Morning and evening live session times to accommodate different time zones
  • Firm, weekly assignment due dates
  • A cohort of students taking the same course at the same time who start and end together
  • Courses for every core high school subject, plus some electives
  • You still have the opportunity to Skype, email, or instant message with your teacher throughout the week as always!

Courses offered:

The Story of the Bible EVP (BIBL310e)
Algebra 1 EVP (MATH100e)
Algebra 1 Honors EVP (MATH150e)
Geometry EVP (MATH200e)
Geometry Honors EVP (MATH250e)
Algebra 2 EVP (MATH300e)
Algebra 2 Honors EVP (MATH350e)
Trigonometry EVP (MATH410e)
Pre-AP PreCalculus EVP (MATH400e)
AP Calculus AB EVP (MATH500e)
Language Arts 9 EVP (ENGL100e)
Language Arts 9 Honors EVP (ENGL150e)
World Literature EVP (ENGL200e)
World Literature Honors EVP (ENGL250e)

American Literature EVP (ENGL300e)
British Literature EVP (ENGL400e)
Physical Science EVP (PHSC100e)
Physical Science Honors EVP (PHSC150e)
Biology EVP (BIOL200e)
Biology Honors EVP (BIOL250e)
Chemistry EVP (CHEM300e)
Physics EVP (PHYS400e)
World History Survey EVP (HIST200e)
US History Survey EVP (HIST310e)
French 1 EVP (FREN100ve)
Spanish 1 EVP (SPAN101ve)
Spanish 2 EVP(SPAN201ve)

*Students may mix and match Enriched Virtual Courses with Teacher Led Courses

**To view costs, please click on this link Tuition Costs

Semester Dates for the 2017-2018 School Year:

Semester 1: September 11 - January 28
Semester 2: January 29 - June 17

Please click on each course to view available times. EVP courses at the same grade level do not overlap times. You may register for a class that is labeled "TBD" and the live class time, when posted, will not conflict with another class from that grade level.

*Students are allowed to miss 3 live classes per semester but must listen to the recording of all missed classes.