Enriched Virtual Courses

Enriched Virtual (EVP) Grades 8 – 12

What is different about these courses?

Enriched Virtual Classes are for those students who want a weekly live session with other students and for students or parents who want more accountability and firm assignment due dates. A webcam, microphone, and stable Internet connection are required for EVP courses.

With an Enriched Virtual course, you will find:

  • A weekly live class session
  • Live sessions scheduled to accommodate different time zones
  • Firm, weekly assignment due dates
  • A cohort of students taking the same course at the same time
  • Courses for every core high school subject, plus some electives
  • Opportunity to email, instant message, or hold a live meeting with your teacher throughout the week

Semester Dates for the 2022-23 School Year:

Semester 1:

  • AP® Courses: August 15 – January 8
  • Regular Courses: August 29 – January 22
  • Fall Break: November 21-25
  • Christmas Break: December 15 – December 30

Semester 2:

  • AP® Courses: January 9 – May 14
  • Regular Courses: January 23 – June 4
  • Spring Break: April 3 – April 7

Important Notes:

  • Please click on each course to view available times. EVP course times at the same grade level will not overlap. You may register for a class in which the time is still undecided (TBD) as it will not conflict with another class from that grade level.
  • Students are allowed to miss 3 live classes per semester but must listen to the recordings of all missed classes.
  • Students may mix and match Enriched Virtual Program courses with Virtual Program courses.
  • To view costs, please visit the Tuition Costs page.
  • Each scheduled class time must have 5 registered students or it will be canceled. Students from a canceled class time will be notified and will be able to choose the other class time if convenient. Scheduled class times can fill up. When this happens, students will be invited to choose the other class time.
  • Our EVP courses use the video conferencing program Zoom for live course sessions.
  • Live course session times observe Central Daylight Time in the summer and Central Standard Time in the winter.
Choose a subject, then click on any of the courses for more information.

Course Designations

  • 100 – 9th Grade
  • 200 – 10th Grade
  • 300 – 11th Grade
  • 400 – 12th Grade
  • 500 – Advanced Placement

Sample NSA Course Plan

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