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Good day, AP© students, parents, and supervisors. The AP© exams are just around the corner. The 2022 AP© Exams are being held from May 2 – May 13. You have been working hard all year to get to this point and we, your AP© teachers, the Administration of NorthStar Academy, and I, the AP© and Dual Credit Administrator are quite proud of the time and commitment that most of you have put into your studies this year. 

As you are preparing for your exam (or exams if you are taking more than one this year), I wanted to make you aware of some great resources available to you, for free, in AP© Classroom and around the web. Each year the College Board hosts live review sessions for each of the AP© Exams.  The sessions are hosted by AP© teachers, AP© exam readers, and AP© exam writers from across the country.  You can attend these sessions live or watch them on-demand on the Advanced Placement Channel on YouTube.  These sessions are 45 minutes long and, depending on the subject area, are held live each weekday at 4, 5, 6, and 7 pm Eastern.  Hosts also take questions from the audience during the live sessions, as time permits. You can find when the live sessions for your subject area are being held by going here: 2022 AP© Daily Live Review Schedule.

If you are located in a country where YouTube is blocked, never fear!  These videos, as well as the full set of last year’s AP© Daily Live Review videos, are also available in AP© Classroom.  Once you log in and enter the AP© Classroom for your AP© course, in the menu on the left side of the screen under Course Resources, click on the Review heading.  It should be the last one on that list. From there you should see a link to the 2022 AP© Exam On-Demand Review and the 2021 AP© On-Demand Review. There are also some other great resources provided here under the More Resources section, so be sure to explore each link in this area.

What makes these videos such a great review resource is that the hosts not only review the concepts covered in the course, but they also review strategies for success on the AP© Exam and give you tips on how to pick up speed and master concepts that you might still be struggling with. 

If you still find yourself struggling with some concepts or needing a little more review on certain topics, be sure to click on each Unit number under the Course Resources section. Open and explore each topic number within that unit.  Every topic has an AP© Daily Video associated with it (and some might even have more than one).  Like the AP© On-Demand Review videos, these videos are created by the leading AP© teachers in the subject area, located around the U.S.  However, these AP© Daily videos focus on more concentrated topics.

Finally, make sure that you are subscribed to the AP© Exam Prep and Info channel in the High School Teams channel.  Throughout the school year, I post about AP© Exam Review sessions offered by other companies and providers as I learn about them.  The majority that I post about are free to attend.  

Written by: Melissa Moreno