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Are you interested in enrolling your student in our online program but aren’t sure if you need EVP or VRP courses? You are in luck! NSA Director, Stephanie Shafer, and EVP Lead Teacher sat down to provide an EVP Q&A session to help families better understand the difference in our EVP courses. 

First, what does EVP stand for? 

EVP stands for the Enriched Virtual Program, but we also have our (VRP) Virtual Program. 

So what is the difference in VRP courses and EVP courses? 

There is a little bit of a difference. The EVP courses offer a live weekly session that is with your peers as well as your teacher which you also have those weekly due dates so that keeps students on track.Many students love the EVP courses once they try one. 

Why do students end up liking our EVP course option?  

Students love it for so many reasons but the biggest reason is that they get to interact with their peers. They just really like to interact with other people as well as with their teachers. The lessons that are taught in the weekly live session are engaging and interactive. They aren’t those boring lectures! They can ask those hard questions that they get to have all the time in the middle of the week. And we’re adding more and more courses every year to EVP. 

Our AP students love EVP because it prepares them for the AP exam. They are able to practice, ask teachers their questions concerning the exam, and more. Our AP students that take EVP feel more confident when it comes to the exam. 

How many do we have now and what types of courses are offered?

We are so excited to announce that we have 42 courses. That includes AP courses, regular courses, Honor courses, and Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math, electives and Bible! So many! You can see a list of our offered EVP courses by clicking here. You will find the times that the weekly live session is held on each course’s page. This way you can ensure that the times fit your schedule before registering. 

Are students able to try one EVP course? Is this an option? 

Yes! Students love to mix and match EVP and VRP courses and it’s a great idea to do so. Most of our students pair EVP classes as well as several VRP classes  to their course load so they have a combination of the flexibility and structure. 

When do our EVP courses start? 

Our EVP courses run on a slightly different timeline than our standard VRP course options, due to the firm assignment due dates. Depending on what type of course you take, will determine the course’s start dates. For example, Advanced Placement courses start the week of August 16th. Regular and Honor courses start the week of August 30th

What grades are EVP courses offered in? 

They are offered in 8th – 12th grade. 

If our EVP courses sound like a good fit for your student, we recommend enrolling soon as each course has a limited number of seats available. 

You can go to our website here and you can find our EVP page and you can find all about EVP and VRP. You can also connect with Katie, EVP Lead Teacher, at [email protected]. I highly suggest that you go ahead and get those courses enrolled as we do have a capacity. So go ahead and take care of that today. Don’t wait!