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Northstar Academy

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Christian school for grades 4-12

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Elective Courses

Electives (VRP) Grades 9 – 12

High School electives are courses that generally fall outside of the core academic subject areas (English, math, social studies, and science). In order to graduate from NorthStar Academy, a student must have earned the required number of elective credits. The diploma option a student selects will also mandate if an elective is required or not. Electives may reflect a student’s interests, introduce or improve skills, or be directly related to a career direction. Electives generally do not require as much time or work as a core course.

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General Electives

English Electives

SPECIAL NOTE: These courses count as English electives and may not meet the requirements for English transfer credit to another high school or as English credit for college admission purposes.

Course Designations

  • 100 – 9th Grade
  • 200 – 10th Grade
  • 300 – 11th Grade
  • 400 – 12th Grade
  • 500 – Advanced Placement

Sample NSA Course Plan